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ShishuVihar School, Chinchpokli, Mumbai

The International School was established in January 2018 for a 100-year-old KVOSJM trust that is involved in running multiple mediums of schools (in multiple shifts), with more than 2500 students in one vertical structure in a densely populated and congested location. Our team was appointed to academically and operationally manage a boutique school offering Cambridge Board in the same premises with one class per grade (due to limited space).

• Worked on overcoming the existing perception among the public about the school
• Successfully managed disparity among students of different schools within the same campus
• Overcame change management issues
• Implemented trust-based marketing
• Updated the academics curriculum and infrastructure
• Supervised budgeting, compliance, planning of learning spaces, recruitment, SOPs, orientation, training
• Succeeded in enrolling 200 plus students (Nursery to Grade 3 – with organic growth every year) in 2 academic years
• Created extremely high demand for admissions
• ShishuVihar was recognized among the top international school in Mumbai by Brainfeed Magazine.

Mount Carmel International School, Akola, Maharashtra

Mount Carmel High School is a state board (SSC and HSC) day school located in Akola, Maharashtra. The school has over 4000 students. The school management was keen to introduce an international curriculum within the existing campus. There were two main challenges they face for this expansion. One was the fee point, as the existing school had an annual fee of Rs. 15,000/-. The second concern was the availability of qualified and experienced teachers to teach an international program. With help of the Crimson Team, an international school was established in 2017 and it was the only school in Aloka that was successfully affiliated to the Cambridge board.

• Enrolled more than 400 students at a price point of Rs. 65,000/annum
• Worked on overcoming the existing perception among the public
• Updated the academic curriculum and infrastructure
• Implemented training and development programs to update the teachers
• Supervised budgeting, compliance, planning of learning spaces and marketing
• The school was recognized among the top International School in Akola by Brainfeed Magazine

International School, Mumbai

Our team was involved in managing and operating one of the leading international schools in the heart of Mumbai. We have been supervising and coordinating the transformation procedure of updating the school

• Managing the entire operations for the past 12 years.
• Their current courses also include the Cambridge and IB programs.
• Have a 100% occupancy rate

International Chain of Schools, Maharashtra

Our team was in charge of academically manage an International Chain of Schools. During the association period, we were able to completely turn around the operations and bring it to full capacity across all their branches.

• Develop state-of-the-art school with world-class facilities
• Reach full capacity of operations across the network
• Established as a leading school chain in Maharashtra

An International School, Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu

An International School which is a progressive and communication-based school located in a small village in Ramanathapuram district of Tamil Nadu.
They believe in an open learning environment with a focus on developing passionate individuals. Our team was involved in establishing and managing the school from 2013 onwards.

• Managed and operated the curriculum, daily operations, marketing and perception.
• Implemented a training and development program to strengthen the learners.
• Established as one of the top schools in Ramanathapuram by EducationWorld


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